Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Law is an Ass and anti-Christian

There has been a spate of legal decisions recently that disgust and despair Christians throughout the land. A judgement against a couple wanting to adopt was prevented because of their opposition to the couple’s views on homosexual behaviour. It was said they would ‘infect’ the child with Christian morals.

The most recent case is against Bideford Council where the Secular Society and a former councillor claimed that the saying of prayers as the first item on the agenda was degrading and insulting to non-Christians even though attendance was not compulsory.

Many of the recent legal judgments that discriminate against Christians were based on considerations that failed to take account of Christianity’s involvement in the Law of the Land such as the Oaths of office and the Common Prayer Book which is part of Government Legislation.  Indeed more recently they have said, incorrectly, that Christianity has no authority in the Law and Government.

Our Judges seem to be left wing wets, probably appointed during Blair’s rule, who set out to be ‘fair’ to the underdog and pursue the agenda that some have more rights than others but ignore the fact that our whole legal system was established upon the Judaeo/Christian principles and it is on those principles that they should interpret the law.

Tradition is an important function in the performance of our institutions. Whether anyone disagrees should not significantly cause traditions to be overthrown. Otherwise offence might be caused by walking past a poster outside a Church.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Politics are Gay?

London Mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone has been accused of making wild accusations about gay Conservative MP's. A spokesperson for Ken Livingstone said: "Ken is clearly saying the advance of lesbian and gay people into politics is unequivocally a good thing.

"He has fought for equality for gay and lesbian people throughout his life, and the fact they are represented in all major political parties is a sign of the progress that has been made." He also said that when Tony Blair came to power, all the gay Labour MP's came out and most got a Government job.

Is this advance in homosexual involvement in Politics a question of equality or is it another backwards step in Morality. By not choosing a gay person as a candidate or for a position in Government, are you being discriminatory or just selective in the values you believe in. Can one in this climate of discriminatory legislation say I will not select a gay because I believe their views will be damaging for the community at large. Are we in a cleft stick, a catch 22 situation where one wants nothing to do with their views but can't say so without fear of prosecution. Their agenda on sex education in schools has left many parents fuming about what their children are being taught which is quite unnecessary at the tender years that are being indoctrinated with their filth. Somehow we have got to get to situation whereby much of this negativity against the Christian faith can be reversed and Christians can be fee to say what is right.