Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tories and SSM

I O’Neal has just posted a Blog regarding how he perceives the Tories should proceed regarding SSM.

I have posted a comment on his Blog and I post it here.

You clearly are fixated by how political actions might affect the views of Tory voters. A government with integrity would peruse the policies that are best for the whole country not just the Tory voters. There are years yet till the next election and the Government should not be concerned about vote catching.

The other thing that you say is that the party does not understand equality in respect to SSM. I think that they do not care what the people want nor they understand what is good for the country.

I would suggest that it is you that does not understand what equality means in this respect. Firstly, a union between two, or three, same sex people can never be the same as a union between a male and a female. They are just not the same and therefore should not be called the same or considered the same.

Secondly, what you might call unfair to homosexuals by way of inequality is patently unfair to the greatest part of the population by degrading the status of marriage. For example, legal documents can no longer refer to Husband and Wife nor Father or Mother. It will be Partner 1 and Partner 2 and Parent 1 and Parent 2. This would be a major destruction of our civilized standards and personal boundaries.
Thirdly, there is only one type of marriage despite what the Government says about religious and civil types. The ECHR has categorically said that they would not be able to refuse a request for equality with marriage in religious buildings if SSM is allowed in the UK. This will lead to great civil strife across the land.

David Cameron must back track on this and stand against the dreadful liberalism that is pervading the political trait of secularism that will lead the country into a moral less vacuum.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

God's Manifest Purpose

A Blogger from my wife’s home town of Londonderry wrote the following;

A;  ‘That God longs for the church to be united’.
B; ‘I truly believe that a divided church is a weak one’

When I saw these two statements I immediately thought of some television programmes concerning the reformation and the history of the church and I have often mused the concept of why so many denominations?
These denominations, all with different worship styles and different liturgy or no liturgy. Yes, they could all learn from one another as different denominations do different things differently, some better than others. But just why are there so many? The blogger wrote, 'I truly believe that a divided church is a weak one'.  Why is it so divided and who is responsible, after all God is Sovereign?

Before Luther there was primarily but just one church of Rome, despotic and corrupt as it was. There had been a number of monastic splits along the way but Luther wanted the church to change and amend it’s ways and recognise is theological errors but they excommunicated him and so the Reformation and Protestantism began.

Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Huldrych Zwingli are considered Magisterial Reformers and from their ministries, other ministries followed, all with a different emphasis. From ministry to ministry, from person to person the church expanded.

Was this a failure of man’s ambitions, each one believing that they knew better than the last? Or did God allow the Church to develop this way? He is after all Sovereign.
God is a Jealous God and an opinion I have considered is that He wants all the glory to go to Him and just as the Tower of Babel was destroyed because man said ‘now we can do anything’ and just as God did not approve of the dictatorial authoritarian Roman Church at that time, he did not want one new large Protestant church either.

God knows his people too well and knows they can’t always be trusted. Mans ambitions exceed God’s purposes. We have seen this in the Mega Churches where the leader’s Alter ego, alters their vision away from serving God to serving themselves.

A united church would also be a politically powerful church. I believe that God wants his purposes to be fulfilled through his almighty power and not the workings of man. Prayers and supplications should be the limit of mans achievements allowing God to take His Glory and to be seen to have been Majestic in His work, throughout His Manifest Purpose.

Yes, men are used by God to be his servants and glorify his Kingdom. Preachers such  as Billy Graham in recent years have been greatly used. He is a truly humble man who gave all the Glory to God just as other great preachers in their time have served him faithfully.

In conclusion, the purposes of God are best worked out by those who seek to do his will wherever they find themselves. Not in dissention, but a genuine belief that God has called them to do his will within the ‘light’ that God has given them.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Law is an Ass and anti-Christian

There has been a spate of legal decisions recently that disgust and despair Christians throughout the land. A judgement against a couple wanting to adopt was prevented because of their opposition to the couple’s views on homosexual behaviour. It was said they would ‘infect’ the child with Christian morals.

The most recent case is against Bideford Council where the Secular Society and a former councillor claimed that the saying of prayers as the first item on the agenda was degrading and insulting to non-Christians even though attendance was not compulsory.

Many of the recent legal judgments that discriminate against Christians were based on considerations that failed to take account of Christianity’s involvement in the Law of the Land such as the Oaths of office and the Common Prayer Book which is part of Government Legislation.  Indeed more recently they have said, incorrectly, that Christianity has no authority in the Law and Government.

Our Judges seem to be left wing wets, probably appointed during Blair’s rule, who set out to be ‘fair’ to the underdog and pursue the agenda that some have more rights than others but ignore the fact that our whole legal system was established upon the Judaeo/Christian principles and it is on those principles that they should interpret the law.

Tradition is an important function in the performance of our institutions. Whether anyone disagrees should not significantly cause traditions to be overthrown. Otherwise offence might be caused by walking past a poster outside a Church.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Politics are Gay?

London Mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone has been accused of making wild accusations about gay Conservative MP's. A spokesperson for Ken Livingstone said: "Ken is clearly saying the advance of lesbian and gay people into politics is unequivocally a good thing.

"He has fought for equality for gay and lesbian people throughout his life, and the fact they are represented in all major political parties is a sign of the progress that has been made." He also said that when Tony Blair came to power, all the gay Labour MP's came out and most got a Government job.

Is this advance in homosexual involvement in Politics a question of equality or is it another backwards step in Morality. By not choosing a gay person as a candidate or for a position in Government, are you being discriminatory or just selective in the values you believe in. Can one in this climate of discriminatory legislation say I will not select a gay because I believe their views will be damaging for the community at large. Are we in a cleft stick, a catch 22 situation where one wants nothing to do with their views but can't say so without fear of prosecution. Their agenda on sex education in schools has left many parents fuming about what their children are being taught which is quite unnecessary at the tender years that are being indoctrinated with their filth. Somehow we have got to get to situation whereby much of this negativity against the Christian faith can be reversed and Christians can be fee to say what is right.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Abortion Adds & Morality Aborted.

Drip, Drip, Drip is how it used to be, the attack on Christian principled legislation. Now it’s on and on and on since the tap has been opened to allow a full scale attack on Christian values. Even the few Christian MP’s that speak out are ridiculed with innuendos or disparaged by their colleagues or even Government Ministers.

With the Advertising Standards organisation now allowing TV adverts for the likes of BPAS and Marie Stopes, ‘post-conception advisory services’ appear to have become both acceptable and respectable. Cranmer has posted on this today.

When oh when can we see a concerted effort to stand up to this appalling destruction of traditional values. Government needs Integrity and all we have is a bunch of charlatans who claim to represent the people but only represent themselves.

This appalling miscarriage of justice against humanity typically represents the hypocrisy of a so called ‘Tory’ Government (The Libs and Labour would be worse). They go from support, to opposition of Nadine Dorries’ Bill on abortion counselling. The Premier is typical of those who fly by the seat of their pants and the prevailing wind of demanding lobbyists rather than having a consistent policy on morality. They are politicians; and without some form or basis upon which to base their policies, they drift in the wind of popularism and have no discerning values.

There is any number of Bloggers and organisations that criticise the current status quo or seek a new form of Government. but It is harder than difficult to penetrate the closed ranks of the establishment. The few Christians that there are in Westminster are split among the three main parties with differing approaches to the same problem. Unity of purpose is what is needed to destabilise the current set up and convince the voters that there can be Integrity in politics and in the House.