Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tories and SSM

I O’Neal has just posted a Blog regarding how he perceives the Tories should proceed regarding SSM.

I have posted a comment on his Blog and I post it here.

You clearly are fixated by how political actions might affect the views of Tory voters. A government with integrity would peruse the policies that are best for the whole country not just the Tory voters. There are years yet till the next election and the Government should not be concerned about vote catching.

The other thing that you say is that the party does not understand equality in respect to SSM. I think that they do not care what the people want nor they understand what is good for the country.

I would suggest that it is you that does not understand what equality means in this respect. Firstly, a union between two, or three, same sex people can never be the same as a union between a male and a female. They are just not the same and therefore should not be called the same or considered the same.

Secondly, what you might call unfair to homosexuals by way of inequality is patently unfair to the greatest part of the population by degrading the status of marriage. For example, legal documents can no longer refer to Husband and Wife nor Father or Mother. It will be Partner 1 and Partner 2 and Parent 1 and Parent 2. This would be a major destruction of our civilized standards and personal boundaries.
Thirdly, there is only one type of marriage despite what the Government says about religious and civil types. The ECHR has categorically said that they would not be able to refuse a request for equality with marriage in religious buildings if SSM is allowed in the UK. This will lead to great civil strife across the land.

David Cameron must back track on this and stand against the dreadful liberalism that is pervading the political trait of secularism that will lead the country into a moral less vacuum.

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