Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Atheists Vs, Christian Traditions

An unexpected twist in the moral stance of the Government is creating unusual speculation. On the one hand David Cameron has made an unexpected U turn and made proclamations in support of the value of Traditional Christian values and Nick Clegg has rubbished them accusing him of wanting to return to 50's values.

It depends what you call 50's values! A contributor on Jeremy Vine's show on radio 2 spoke about all the physical and material experiences of life then which have little to do with Christian Values. The true values were in honesty, love, modesty, chastity and marriage.

There will always be a mix of believers as to the benefit of these values; Clearly Dave Cameron is trying to present a sense of belief (because he thinks it’s good for his ratings).  Sarah Sands wrote in the standard today that Atheists were constantly fighting fires because the Christian Traditions are so ingrained into the fabric of society that they keep popping up with a certain regularity. But even though her article was very positive about the value of marriage, she was still supportive of Gay marriage. It just shows how in such a short time since Tony Blair allowed the Gay lobby credence, it has become endemic in society.
The values we need today need to be those that allow for the freedoms achieved in life today but with the freedom of choice to say no to behaviour that is inconsistent with a Godly life.

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