Friday, 16 December 2011


What has this country come to with it's celebration of the Christmas season. Commercialism is the name of the game. Most people look forward to a few days off and office parties, shopping for presents, food and family. Yes, a little of all this may be acceptable but it has gone into major excess for many and it all become a vicious circle that no one feels able to break the bands of commitment to the worship of materialism.

Most people know what Christmas is really about but rarely give it a second thought. I heard of one teenager who was apparently Carol Singing. (Probably 'We wish you a merry Christmas'. That’s all they seem to know when they come to my house). Any way, he was asked what Christmas meant and his answer was "Well it’s when Jesus died, init".

It is tragic that in so many schools there is a fear, or reluctance, of teaching about the Christian religion.

Few teachers have a profound belief anyway so local church minister’s offer a pastoral service in the schools in their locality. Parents need to try to balance the commercialism of Christmas with an understanding of the true meaning with love and joy and peace to all men.

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