Friday, 30 December 2011

Sense & Sensebility

A case has been presented that a supporter of the Jewish state of Israel was marked down in her dissertation at Warwick University by her Pro-Palestine Professor. There has been subsequently statements that the student went on to make changes before having it re-marked by another Professor, to recover the higher mark she felt she was entitled to.

Without knowing all the facts of an instance like this, it can be too easily misjudged. I have heard of other instances where there has been a clash of wills and ideology between student and Mentor.  Additionally cases of so called Christian persecution in the course of their employment have been supported by the popular press but all the facts have not necessarily been declared. In other cases the individuals have not been wise in their actions and it is too easy to play the racist card to support a cause. I know of other Christians who have written papers that present a Christian perspective and the examiners have been of atheist or other persuasions and have been marked down as a result.
We all have to live in a society of very mixed beliefs. It is therefore incumbent upon us all to walk with wisdom in what we do. I’m not suggesting that this student knew the circumstances of her Professor before she started her course but I do know that they do have pre Dissertation meetings to go through the content.

All this should not be; but despite the law, people are people. We must take account of this and without bowing the knee, as I have said before, we need to be as wise as serpents and harmless as Doves.

The Pink lobby have learnt this principle and infiltrated society to the extent whereby there view and position can hardly be contested.  Christians and Jews have in history suffered much persecution and their faith has been strengthened in those times. Today, we lack the church leaders to lead their followers in to battle; they are weak kneed liberal apologists. Christians and Jews!  You must stand up to oppression, but be sure that the case you present is accurate and true so that your enemies can’t claim that you cry Wolf!

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